Affiliate Automotive Service Program

There are no obligations to join the team

This program is for Body Shops, Mechanics, Salvage Pools and Wrecker Services.

Becoming a part of our Affiliate Program allows you to:

  • Offer recovery services from your business

  • Create new income for your shop

  • Establish relationships with other local business owners

Help your customers protect themselves, earn more income, and connect with a local network of forward-thinking automotive, medical, and legal service providers that trust Black Box Recovery.
— David Atkinson, Operations Manager

This is very simple!

  1. Select Join the Team

  2. Complete the form

  3. Download and Print the documents below

    • Our Ad Services to show customers

    • Your instructions for processing

  4. Receive your Affiliate Code via e-mail

  5. Use your code on the recovery service form

    • You made $100.00

  6. Use your code at checkout

    • Your customer saved $50.00


Terms and Conditions

We will provide you with an Affiliate Code to be entered on the authorization form. We will send you $100.00 per recovery received and processed. Your Affiliate Code is directly associated with your business, and your check will be mailed to the address you provide. No code can be entered after the purchase. Your Affiliate Code can also be entered at checkout for a discount to the customer. Additionally, we will help the customer understand what is stated in the report.