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The listed vehicles are supported by Black Box Recovery, when sold in North America. 

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The vehicle and our diagnostic tools may not be compatible. Verify the vehicle is equipped with an Event Data Recorder, Black Box, by contacting the manufacture with the full VIN. 

This list is a compilation from the Bosch CDR Tool Help file downloadable at Bosch Diagnostics. The searchable format was designed for convenience, and may contain errors or be incomplete. Check the last revision date for accuracy. The latest source files can be downloaded and searched within the Bosch software.  Bosch grants Public Access to the software - No registration, cost or restrictions. 

Having updated Bosch software is important for:

  • Generating accurate reports from the data

  • Reviewing individual data points Black Boxes can record

  • Identifying, by name, which module is the Black Box

  • Locating the Black Box in the vehicle

  • Reviewing special notes for specific vehicles and procedures

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Search Database - Bosch CDR Software Version 19.1.1 & Tesla EDR Software Version 19.6.1