On-Site Recovery Details

Starting at $1000.


  • ID, walk-around & damage photos of the vehicle

  • Video of the recovery method

  • Digital Evidence Report - with notation

  • Downloadable - Shareable Data Link

*Data Reported:

  • Speed, acceleration or deceleration rates

  • Braking before impact

  • Occupancy arrangement and restraint usage

  • Order and direction of impacts

  • Pre-impact steering trend

  • Impact severity

*Data varies by vehicle make, model, and year.

Expedite your Order

We offer Rush (3 days) and Next Day Recovery.

USB or CD/DVD Backup Copies.

A link to a downloadable PDF report is included in all recoveries.

Physical copies of your report are available for $20.

Available in the form of a USB or CD/DVD.

Store your device.

We offer secured access and climate-controlled storage with an accurate “Chain of Custody” guarantee for less than $2 per day.


We reserve the right to review all order details before confirming the order and will notify you if a condition cannot be met. Cutoff times are 1200 noon CST. Availability is on a first order/call basis. All “Days” are business days.

This is the base price, by purchasing this service you understand that we may or may not recover any data, the data we may collect could be corrupt or unusable.  These are conditions outside of our control and therefore, in those situation, we will not be able to offer a refund. 

If we are unable to access your data with more simple methods your recovery will require direct access to the "black box."  If more than 1 hour is necessary, $125.00 per man hour will be added, up to 2 hours, without prior approval.

We will store your Black Box, EDR, in a secure, climate-controlled facility of our choice. The primary storage means for Chain of Custody forms will be a third-party server for security.